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What To Expect At The N.C. State Fair

One of my favorite events to kick off Fall and the month of October just passed through Raleigh and yes I am talking about the N.C. State Fair! It is one of my favorite events that takes place during Fall and has literally everything for everybody. The N.C. State Fair is in town for 10 days and takes place at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds and has food, music, rides, carnival booths, farm animals, cooking contests, agriculture contests, tractor pulling, pig races, and so much more. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun! If you are ever in Raleigh during those 10 days, you have to stop at the N.C. State Fair for just a couple of hours and eat a lot of bad food and ride some fun rides.

So today I wanted to take you through what the N.C. State Fair is actually like and what you can expect if and when you go!


I love getting to go with different groups of people every year because each group of people has a different experience. Most of the time I am going with groups of friends. Depending on who you go with will depend on what kind of mission you are on, food or rides or both. This year I was able to go two different times with friends, first time with my good friends from Greenville, NC, Morgan and Lilley, and the second time with one of my good friends from NC State, Macie. Both times were a ton of fun and did two very different things when I went each time. If you are able to and have the funds to be able to, I would seriously suggest going at least twice to experience it in different ways.


The food at the N.C. State Fair gets better every year and each year there are a ton of new foods to try. There is what I like to call food row or food avenue, where there are just vendors and vendors. Each vendor has a speciality food item and they are out of this world. There is of course a ton of fried food, like fried pickles, fried candy bars, fried oreo’s, Krispy Kreme Burger, and so forth. I have been going for so many years that there are always a couple of places that I have to go to to get my favorite foods but I love to try some new things as well. My favorite new food item this year were these incredible ham biscuits and they were making them fresh and hot right there.

One thing that I love is that NC State’s own, Howling Cow Ice Cream, is always there and they have a N.C. State Fair speciality ice cream that isn’t sold anywhere else along with their normal flavors. If you live in North Carolina, check your grocery stores to see if they are selling Howling Cow Ice Cream yet because it is amazing. When you go to the fair you have to go big or go home and try as much as you can. I like to split food items with friends so we can try more things without getting so dang full.


This year was really special at the fair because not only were there 5 ferris wheels this year but the biggest traveling ferris wheel was there and the views from up there are CRAZY! Now I do not go to the fair particularly for the rides because I am not a huge heights person. I am more of the purse or backpack holder for everybody else. But every year I do go on a ferris wheel and the sky chair lift that takes you over the fair to at least face a little bit of my fears. I love to walk around and see the rides that are there. Like I said, I have been going for so many years that I know where each ride is.

I love that there is a kiddie land that has a ton of kiddie rides so every age group is happy when they go! Scattered all around there a ton of the carnival booths, I guess you can say, that have the water gun competitions, basketball hoops, popping balloons, and so many others to win the huge stuffed animals or fishes or whatever else you could possibly imagine. I love walking around all the rides because each ride has awesome music playing and its fun to just walk around and dance.

Like I said if you ever get the chance to come to Raleigh, NC, during those 10 days, it is so much fun and so worth to have a great time with friends and family. Stay tuned for later this week when I share with y’all my N.C. State Fair Vlog that shows y’all my experience at this year’s N.C. State Fair.

As always thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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