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What Kind Of Flyer Are You?

3 weeks and counting until I head to Nashville, TN with my mom for our mother-daughter trip together and I have been busy doing research on places to go and things to see. I fly quite frequently and realized that I have been flying since the age of 2. All of this travel and booking flights got me thinking a lot about how people travel. Do you prefer the window seat or the aisle? We picked seats and did the usual “well I like the aisle” and well “I want a window” routine. One of us likes the window, the other likes the aisle. Depending on how long the flight is, I am half-and-half. If it is a short flight I will go for an window seat but if it is a long flight I like to have the aisle. When it comes to travel and travel routines, I feel like people are usually pretty set in their ways.

If you want to spark a conversation or controversy, ask someone if they prefer the window or aisle seat, and then ask WHY. The why is always so fascinating to me. Some people want to sleep against the cabin in the window. But honestly, is that really comfortable? I find it to be extremely comfortable but you do have the people who are able to sleep straight up with their heads bobbing. These are also clearly people who don’t have small bladders or don’t drink water.

For me, I’m an aisle flyer.

I like to have the aisle seat for the most part because it allows me to have a little extra leg room when the flight attendants aren’t walking up and down the aisles. If I am going somewhere tropical though, I like to have the window seat to I can see out as we are arriving. I also like the aisle because if I do have to go to the bathroom, I am not climbing over other people or disturbing them. I can get up and move around, go pee, go for a mini walk and stretch whenever I want to.

What’s your go-to seat selection?

As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading! I will see y’all back here next time!

Love, Dani

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