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What I’m Saying No To This Year

This topic is something that has been on my mind and was intrigued by it but didn’t know if I wanted to write it. Sometimes putting this kind of stuff out there is cathartic but also can add pressure. This mindset definitely goes back to me being a perfectionist but I thought, ya know what? Maybe putting it out there will help hold me accountable! Anyway, I obviously decided to write the post but mainly because I think it’s important to reflect on your behaviors, and if you see things you wish you could change about yourself, address them! So that’s my goal here for myself and to hopefully inspire you to do the same. What are some things that you are or have been saying no to this year?

Wishing Time to Pass

I think it’s human nature to do this to a certain extent. We can all fall into the trap of living in the future a little no matter what stage of life you’re in. And sometimes I think we don’t even realize we’re doing it! Maybe it’s a trip you’re looking forward to, your wedding, a promotion at your job, or you’re really focused on saving, and in order for your bank account to grow, time has to pass, etc.

I want to fight against this way of thinking because I feel like I am seeing too much of my life flying passed me faster than I want. We all want things to happen by a certain time but then when that time comes and those things don’t happen, we are wondering where the time went. I have been trying to take every opportunity I have to slow down and appreciate what is around me.

Going Against My Gut

Making decisions is such a struggle for me. I’m one of those people that will put it off for *way* too long. And the funny thing is, I usually end up just choosing what I had originally leaned towards in the beginning. I waste a lot of time seeking other people’s approval or looking for affirmation in what I’m thinking when I really should just trust myself more! I think this will be especially important for me as I continue to grow as a woman and get farther into my life. So many women I’ve talked to say “just trust your gut” and I know I need to embrace that.

Feeling Like I Have To Do Everything

I am the definition of feeling like I have to do everything and do it on my own to make it worse. I struggle with this a lot and in so many areas of life. I’ll get it in my head that I need to do “this” or cover a certain topic on my blog or answer every single question I get on Instagram. And the reality is that nobody is creating that pressure or setting that expectation except for me. I sometimes forget how easy (and important) it is to set a boundary. I lose sight of the fact that I *can* draw a line in the sand and determine what I will and won’t do – especially when it comes to work. If this doesn’t make sense, what I mean is that sometimes I feel like just because a couple people ask me a question, it means I need to cover it on the blog or on Stories, when that’s not the case at all!

And what’s more, I’ll feel as if I need to have every area of my life and business organized and on track, but to be frank, this simply isn’t possible, realistic or healthy. I have learned a lot about balance and that is where I need to lay all my chips. Not only do I have the blog, YouTube Channel, and podcast, but I also have a full-time job, social life, family life, workouts, trips, and more. I can’t take on everything and this has been something I have struggled with a lot and continue to work on every year.

Falling Into a Deep Comparison Trap

Oh Lordy let me get on my soap box real quick about comparing yourself to others. If you’ve followed me for any amount of time, then you know that I really struggle with this. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to actually avoid it given what my job is and just the nature of being online in today’s world, but I do want to try and be more proactive this year. Over time, I have learned little things I can do when I start to fall into a trap that might help prevent the negative thoughts and feelings of comparison from getting out of control, but again, it goes back to being proactive about it and taking action when I feel it coming on. I have actually talked about this here in length in What I Do When I Feel Comparison Creeping In. I can be *really* hard on myself sometimes and often lose sight of the good things I’m doing or what makes me special. I want to try and celebrate and embrace these things more.

Putting off quick tasks

I have developed such a bad habit of putting things off that will literally take me under two minutes to do – both personally and professionally. For example, putting a dirty dish in the dishwasher or responding to a text/email. There are plenty of small things that turn into BIGGER things simply because I decide to put off dealing with them. Like if I would just put all my dishes in the dishwasher, I wouldn’t have to set aside 30 minutes to deal with the pile in the sink. And the same applies to things with work too! I really, really want to get better at this and call myself out when I do it to encourage action right at that moment. I have found that things pile up quickly and I make a to-do list but get sidetracked with social media or other things around me that maybe aren’t as important. Sometime you need to just hunker down and get things done and try to stay in the zone of getting the things you need to get done as much as you possibly can.

What are some things that you are or have been saying no to this year? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see you back here next time.

Love, Dani

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