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Welcome to College Game Day: NCSU vs. Clemson

Hey y’all! How is everyone’s week going? I am working hard to get as much done as possible because I am going out of town for 6 days but I will tell y’all more about that later this week. I have also been working out like a beast but today was my coldest workout yet at 23 degrees…WHAT! When did we decide to skip right over fall and go straight to winter. This is ridiculous! It was one of those eyes watering, nose running, can see your breath kind of runs this morning.

Another check off the senior list and this time it is a twofer. Last week was homecoming week at NC State and Saturday night we had our homecoming game against none other than CLEMSON! It did not go as planned for us but how often do you get to see the amazing Clemson team and Dabo Swinney in person? I will answer that for you, not very often. I was so lucky to have been able to be at the game with one of my friends Julia Lanpher and be able to spend, most likely, my last football game of the season with her. It feels good every once in a while to have a good time with friends and just relax because I don’t get that that often.

The football game was a red out and I absolutely love our stadium because it truly just feels like home to me. You don’t get that in very many places and I am glad that I have it at NC State. In the video down below, I take you to the game with me as well as show you a little bit of some of the homecoming events from last week. We even had this amazing fly over during the national anthem and the plane’s lit the sky up with fireworks. I hope y’all enjoy and… GO PACK!

If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all of my videos!

If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all of my videos!

As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading and watching. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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