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Weekly Workout Schedule

Let’s get it this week! Who’s with me? So looking forward to y’all my workouts this week. I try to spice things up every week with a wide variety of workouts. Including cardio, yoga, abs, weight training, cycling, and a walk (maybe two).

I also want to make a point to say that I am sharing my weekly workouts with y’all, this is not the expectation AT ALL. We all enjoy doing very different things for workouts and that is the way it should be. I just wanted to take y’all through my week, provide some ideas and exercises, and hear from y’all what you like to do.

Just as a little PSA – make sure you are warming up a bit before each workout and also cooling down/stretching appropriately. I love just doing basic warm-up stretches and using a good foam roller as a cool down.

Do y’all want more of these weekly workout posts with workout ideas/schedules? Let me know below via the comments or DM me via Instagram.

This Weeks Workouts


10 minutes of stretching/getting the body warmed up

30 minutes on stair stepper

20 minutes of abs (4 sets: 20 crunches, 40 heel touches, 15 toe touches, 30 sec. plank, 10 elbow-to-knee (each side), 20 tabletop crunches)


60 minute strength training:

4 sets:

15 squats

15 leg press

15 tricep extension

4 sets:

14 backward lunges

15 reverse lat pull-down

15 overhead tricep extension

4 sets:

10 squatting abductor

12 lunges with fly

15 lat pull-down

4 sets:

15 tricep press downs

15 bicep curls

5 single leg press (each side)


Peloton Cycling: 10 minute scenic warm-up, 30 minute Beyonce Ride (Ally Love), 10 minute hill ride (Kendall Toole), 10 minute cool-down


10 minutes of stretching

30-12-3 Treadmill Workout (30 minutes-12.0 incline-3.0 speed)

20 minutes of abs (20 tabletop crunches, 15 leg lifts, 20 plank hip dips, 10 lumberjacks, 40 heel touches, 15 crunches with weight, 20 Russian twists)




60 minute strength training:

4 sets:

15 sumo kettlebell swings

15 cable front raises

15 abductor machine

4 sets:

10 lat pull-downs

10 cybex rows/bent over rows

20 lunges with weight

4 sets:

8-10 squats (heavy)

10 bicep curls

10 spider curls

4 sets:

14 alternating hammer curls

20 overhead cable tricep extension

15 elevated heel squats


45 minute beginner (Peloton) yoga class

Create Your Own Workout Schedule

Create your own workout schedule! Save the image below & fill out with your workout schedule for the week. If you post on instagram be sure to tag me @dlclardy.

What are some of y’all’s favorite type of workouts? What are some things you will absolutely not do? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading and watching. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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