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Things To Do In Jamaica

Guys I have been very slow, I just had surgery last week and so wishing I was back in Jamaica after the recovery I have been having. About a week ago, I got back from getting to go to Jamaica for the first time and we went as a group to celebrate my Uncle Brett’s 55th Birthday. It was a blast and we had amazing weather, which only made the trip better. It was fun to to take it all in for the first time with cliffs, beaches, beautiful blue water, and sunsets that are unbelievable. I am going to share a vlog from our trip but it is going to be a little different from the usual vlog of just our whole trip. 

If you missed the Jamaica Photo Diary blog post, you can check that out right here to really get to take it all in.


Before anyone starts, I have to say that traveling during COVID had me extremely nervous and this was my first time on a plane in a year and a half. When at the airport and on the airplane you have to be wearing your mask at all times unless you are eating and drinking. If you don’t, bye bye you are off the plane. As soon as you get on the plane they hand you a wipe that you can use to wipe down your seat, your hands, whatever you want to wipe down. There is hand sanitizer EVERYWHERE and never, not once, did I feel unsafe.

Now when we got to Jamaica, it was much like it is here in the United States with a few differences. You still have to wear your mask while walking around Jamaica, resorts/hotels, and when going out to eat or any activities. The major difference is that from Saturday at 12pm to Tuesday morning, Jamaica goes into a lockdown where nothing is open, so you are at your resort or hotel for that time. This is actually nice because this let us relax and swim and just be around each other chilling.

Now COVID tests, you have to get tested 3 days before your flight and then 3 days before your return flight. Most, if not all, hotels and resorts are doing COVID rapid tests that they will email you. You have to have these results for customs and the airlines to be able to fly, leave, and get back into the United States. Make sure to check Jamaica’s travel website to stay up to date on all things you may need to do to visit.


We got to Jamaica by flying Delta Airlines. We flew from Raleigh-Durham to Atlanta and then to Montego Bay, Jamaica. From the airport to our resort in Negril, we had transportation scheduled but there were other options like taxi’s, resort transportation, and Mobay.


We stayed at the gorgeous Rockhouse Hotel & Spa that is located in Negril, Jamaica. Rockhouse lives up to its name and literally sits on a cliff on the beautiful Jamaican waters. When designing Rockhouse, they used local materials as a powerful way to bond the design to the land and to the community they added features that also save energy like wider eaves. They focused on effortless harmony and embracing the external elements of nature. The property now boasts 8 acres, 185 staff, 40 rooms, 3 restaurants and a world class spa, including Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar, an organic farm, a plant nursery, a woodwork shop where all our furniture is made, a new expanded laundry, and candle and spa product manufacturing facilities. I HIGHLY suggest swinging for it and staying in one of the huts because it is worth the price, views, ALL OF IT!


~Pushcart Restaurant & Rum Bar: Their modern version of the classic Jamaican “Jerk Centre,” Pushcart serves up a full spectrum of the island’s traditional fare in a lively, colorful, and music-filled outdoor atmosphere. Enjoy perfectly smoked and seasoned chicken, pork, and fish straight off the jerk pan grill, served with all of the classic fixings of “yard” cuisine.

~Rockhouse Restaurant: Celebrated as Negril’s premiere fine-dining destination, take a seat and look out over the volcanic cliffs on to the brilliant Caribbean Sea. It won’t take long to discover why it’s called the “Pristine Cove.”Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, the Rockhouse restaurant was designed to blend seamlessly into the tropical environment. Grab a cup of Blue Mountain coffee and quietly watch the birds in the morning or grab your partner and join us for a romantic candlelit dinner. A welcoming and serene atmosphere awaits any time of day.

~Rick’s Cafe: The Café has a restaurant and bar, which are frequented by visitors and locals daily.. The bar is known for offering liquid courage to help those who dare to  make the cliff jump! If you aren’t as adventurous,get there an hour before sunset to watch the expert local cliff jumpers for oftentimes just as much of an adrenaline rush. By the time you’ve had your fill of excitement, it would be just about time to take your spot at the cliffs’ edge to watch the sunset.  If the crimson, orange and purple hues of the magnificent sunset are no indication of it starting, the live band shelling out reggae music that will begin playing in the background will definitely alert you.

~Ivan’s Catcha Falling Star: Ivan’s bar & restaurant has beautiful ocean front dining. Ivan’s is private dining during the day but opens to the public from 5pm. Visit them for that special romantic evening and rekindle the romance with their “Night of 100 Candles.” Great food (international and Jamaican) and fabulous cocktails from their famous bartenders. You can also dine at our 100 candle private dining area available for that extra special evening. They also host weddings and rehearsal dinners.

~Tensing Pen The Lodge Restaurant: Their open air restaurant brings together guests in an intimate setting overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Continental breakfast is served daily and includes fresh tropical fruits, Blue Mountain Coffee, cereals, toasts and local jams, with additional items offered a la carte. For Lunch and Dinner choose from a variety of items done to order and using the finest and freshest of ingredients. Perhaps a Smoked Marlin Salad or an Ackee pizza for Lunch. For Dinner, we offer freshly caught fish, grilled Lobster (in season), meat, chicken and organic ingredients, all cooked to perfection

~Juici Patties: Jamaica is famous for their patties in which this delicious dough-like crust wraps up different fillings like chicken curry, meat and cheese, etc. If you want to try a pattie, this is the place to get them from and try all of them. Think hot pocket but with some more flavors and just a little hotter to eat. Juici Patties is the largest fast food chain-60 stores and counting islandwide!


~Mayfield Falls: The Mayfield Falls are a series of waterfalls situated on the Mayfield River in the parish of Westmoreland in Jamaica. The falls feature 21 cascades in total. The tallest, nicknamed the ‘Washing Machine’ and reaching around three meters in height, is large enough for visitors to get behind and play in the jets of water. The jungle setting of the falls is abundant with lush plantlife, as well as a variety of exotic species of birds, butterflies, and other wildlife native to Jamaica. Most people set off to the Mayfield Falls with a guide. The level of physical activity here is moderately demanding and involves quite a walk through the water and across rocks to explore the falls in their entirety.

~Yamon Redstripe Catamaran: We used this incredible company when we celebrated my Uncle Brett’s 55th Birthday. For over 25 years their catamaran’s have sailed the beautiful shores of Negril, Jamaica while entertaining the wonderful people who visit Jamaica. While aboard with us they make sure you capture the magnificent scenery that Negril has to offer. Each cruise includes snorkeling at Negril’s famous beautiful reef (Equipment provided), Open Bar, a meal (Lobster or Jerk Chicken) and of course unlimited reggae music. 

~Snorkel: We snorkeled and snorkeled and snorkeled some more. We stayed at the perfect hotel to snorkel and you cannot come to Jamaica without diving into these beautiful blue waters and exploring. We were extremely lucky that our hotel had all kinds of snorkeling gear that we could get for the day at no charge and just go explore around the property.

~Beach day at Skylark Resort: For us, Rockhouse has a sister property which is the Skylark Resort and they are located on the beach about 5-8 minutes away. We had the ability to shuttle during the week to Skylark and soak in some beach time and this just happened to be on 7-mile beach. Basically 7 miles of hotels and different restaurants and bars on the beach.

If you have ever visited Jamaica, what are some other things that I should add to this list? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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