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The Conversation Series: Kristen Bousquet – Episode 61

Hey y’all! Welcome to The Conversation Series Podcast. I have always loved to learn no matter what the topic may be and ever since I graduated I have wanted to continue my education and learn from other people. The Conversation Series Podcast is a podcast getting to talk to some incredible people in different industries, with different experiences that I want to learn from and share stories that other people can learn from as well. 

I am sitting down with Kristen Bousquet, Creator Monetization Coach, Business Mentor, and Host of Soulcial Scoop Podcast. I am incredibly excited to have Kristen here because I am an active listener of her podcast, Soulcial Scoop, which truly keeps me up to date on all things social media, what is the new and latest, what is changing, etc. Through coaching programs, informative and engaging social media content, and her weekly podcast, Kristen’s goal is to help regulate the influencer industry and educate digital creators on how to be respected and successful in running a business and brand as an influencer.

We are diving into Kristen’s career, the Soulcial Scoop Podcast, how, why, what the transition from FIT and beauty to full-time social media was like, the current need to know with social media, what goes into being a creator monetization coach, and more. Join us as we get to know Kristen and her story!

Y’all, please go follow Kristen and follow along on her journey and all the amazing work she is doing. As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading, watching, and listening. I will see y’all back here next time.


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