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Seattle, Washington Food Diary

Hey y’all! How is everyone doing this week? I am finally getting settled back in after my recent trip but being 3 hours behind and then daylight savings time at the same time has not been fun to deal with. But I am kind of sad that I did have to come home because I liked it so much out there in Seattle that I wish I could have stayed for a few more days. We had absolutely beautiful weather, like it was sunny all weekend and in the 50’s which my dad said is super rare before the summer time.

Seattle is very much a foodie town with so many different styles of restaurants and my dad tried to take us to as many as possible to show us some of the best food out there. Today I am sharing my food diary from my trip because we ate at so many cool and different places that I thought I would share with all of you! Stay tuned for the rest of the week because I will be sharing the rest of my trip over the next few days.

?Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar (815 Pine Street, Seattle, WA)

Ohhhh Sushi, my sweet friend! The night we got to Seattle, my dad and I headed to his favorite sushi spot not far from the hotel and it was incredible. It helps that all of the fish is so fresh and comes right from the water there in Seattle! From the outside it doesn’t look like a big restaurant but once you walk inside it is much bigger. The service was extremely fast and I loved the whole environment because everybody knew each other and it was very welcoming.

?Biscuit Bitch (621 3rd Ave, Seattle, WA)

Being in Biscuit Bitch honestly made me feel like I was at home! It is very much a southern joint in the heart of a city. Now they do have 3 different locations in Seattle and they are all extremely popular and busy. I love the names of all of their biscuits and they made me laugh as soon as I saw them because it reminded me of home. I wish I could have shown y’all all the different kinds of biscuits especially the biscuits and gravy because WOW! Everything was so delicious and I loved how they really revolved around making the customers feel like family and that they were at home there. Truly recommend going to any of the 3 Biscuit Bitch locations because it is out of this world delicious.

?Salt & Straw (714 E Pike Street Suite A, Seattle, WA)

Oh yeah ice cream! I mean come on how could you not want ice cream! My dad told me I had to try this place because of how much I love ice cream and he wasn’t exaggerating when he said it was good. I immediately walked in and it smelled like a Cold Stones creamery because of the fresh cones but their menu was incredible. Salt & Straw is one of those places that combines ingredients that you would never put together but they taste amazing! I of course had to get the fudgey chocolate because, I mean why not. Truly delicious and if you are looking for a little dessert I would definitely check them out.

?Yard House (1501 4th Avenue Suite 118, Seattle, WA)

If you’re looking for the best variety of beer, look no further than the Yard House. This Yard House is in the heart of such a busy and great area surrounded by popular stores and only a few blocks away from Pike Market Place. If you want to experience innovative cuisines from our amazing scratch kitchen and a special Chalkboard Beer Series, you definitely have to stop by the Yard House. I mean come on look at that arrangement of beers. We were just stopping by in to get some light eats because it was later in the day but they had such a wide array of foods from fish to chicken to nachos to so much more. It’s a great place to catch the game, enjoy an incredible happy hour or celebrate any special occasion with loved ones.

?The Lodge Sports Grille (1102 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA)

The Lodge was a really cool bar but didn’t feel like a bar if that makes sense. It has the bar area and then another upstairs area with more seating where you can host parties or bigger parties. The bar area has a ton of tables and TV’s where you can watch whatever sports events you want. It just so happens that we went there the night that Oregon was playing Washington, and apparently they are huge rivals so it was really fun to watch. They have a really great full bar with tons of different options for beer and mixed drinks as well.

?The Pike Seattle Brewing Co. (1415 First Avenue, Seattle, WA)

The Pike Seattle Brewing Co. was a place my dad really wanted to take us to because he has been coming for years. It is located right in the heart of the Pike Market Place and has out of this world beers with some pretty awesome names to fit the city of Seattle. They also have some pretty delicious food that is all really fresh because they do get a lot of it from the market right next door. The overall restaurant has this really fun environment with things hanging from the ceiling and not to mention getting to see some beer being made.

?Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room (1124 Pike St, Seattle, WA)

So I am not a coffee drinker but my sister and dad are and he wanted to show us how crazy this place was. I have never seen a Starbucks or any kinds of coffee shop like this before. At this Starbucks, they have a bar, a little shopping section, a pastry and bread section, a regular section to order coffee and food, and then a downstairs area where you can order off a menu, and a library. Now let me mention that this is all happening while they are making coffee right there hence the roastery part. It is really cool to be able to watch them make the coffee and just the overall process because we don’t typically get to see that in a normal Starbucks.

?Terra Platta (1501 Melrose Avenue, Seattle, WA)

Okay so Terra Platta is a tapas restaurant which means it is small plates and plates that are meant to be shared with the whole table. These kinds of restaurants have the most unique menus and truly delicious foods that you normally wouldn’t eat at a normal restaurant. Everything was so delicious and I even tried brussels sprouts for the first time and fell in love with how they cooked them. They have an amazing wine list that has wines from all over the world! Truly recommend this place.

I hope y’all enjoyed this! Whenever we travel we love to eat and try new foods and different restaurants. It was really cool for my dad to take us around to some of his favorite spots and show us where he loves to eat.

Stay tuned for the rest of the week to see everything else about our recent trip to Seattle, Washington. As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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