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Santorini, Greece Travel Vlog

Hey y’all! How is everyone doing today? I am currently soaking in all the beach time that I can get right now because I don’t know when I will be going again. It is absolutely beautiful weather down here and we truly have gotten lucky on this trip with the weather we have gotten. I am so excited for 4th of July because of the fireworks and all the plans we have in place, makes me feel like a kid again getting ready to sit on the beach and watching all the colors.

I am a little sad and happy that I am finally sharing the 6th and final part of my Europe trip with the Santorini, Greece Travel Vlog. It truly feels unreal that I had the opportunity to go to such an amazing place that I felt like it wasn’t real the entire time I was there. I hope the vlog is able to capture half the beauty that the island of Santorini really is. If this place isn’t on your bucket list, it for sure needs to be because it is truly a pinch yourself kind of moment as soon as you get there.

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If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all my videos.

If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all my videos.


~Cavo Bianco– This amazingly gorgeous hotel is located in Kamari not far from the Santorini Airport. We stayed at Cavo Bianco for only 1 night because we had decided to come a day early but it was a day well spent. They have 2 pools on property and are a short walk away from the black sand beach as well as the slew of restaurants, other hotels, shops, dessert places, and bars that cover this street by the water. The staff at Cavo Bianco were absolutely incredible and told us different places to go all over the island of Santorini.

~El Greco Resort– Now this is our official hotel that we stayed at for the rest of our trip. El Greco Resort is located in the town of Fira and it took my breath away. The overall hotel is absolutely stunning and the views around it are out of this world as well. El Greco Resort has 6 pools that are accessible to everybody as well as a bar and a restaurant and the best thing is is that it is just a short walk away from the grocery store, other restaurants, and the rest of the town of Fira. The staff at El Greco is so helpful and they help with transportation and anything else that you possibly want to do while you are there.


~Alexander “The Great” Restaurant– Located in Kamari not far from Cavo Bianco, Alexander “The Great” Restaurant was the first place recommended to us and it was fantastic. Lots of great greek cuisine but also fresh seafood that was put on the grill just the way I like it. They do live music at least once a week and is actually a staple event in the town of Kamari.

~Idol– If I can go back to any of the restaurants we went to in Santorini again for the view, staff, and food it would be Idol. There are no words to describe the food because it was all fresh and so decadent. The view was out of this world and we got to see the sunset all the way down to the bottom. Idol even has 4 different levels of seating from the very top where we were to the bar and other dining options.

~Nisi Cafe & EateryNisi Cafe & Eatery very quickly became our place that we went to everyday because they made everything fresh. They even had acai bowls that were out of this world and were a staple meal for us at some point during the day. They have this awesome outdoor seating that makes it great for hanging out and enjoying the day.

~Niki’s Lounge and RestaurantNiki’s Lounge was on the lower side of the hill so you are still getting that amazing sunset view that you want to see when you go to Santorini. Now the prices are a little high but that is purely because you are paying for the view. But they had great food and bring everything out to you really quickly and even have a nice bar downstairs.

~Mama’s House– Now I will go ahead and warn you that this place does not have a sunset view like a few of the other places we ate at, but Mama’s House has out of this world food and is on the outskirts of all the action of the town of Fira. The food was spectacular and we enjoyed our outdoor eating that kept us in the shade and a nice breeze!


~Explore the City of Oia– The city of Oia was incredibly, incredibly beautiful! Both Oia and Fira have the white buildings and blue domes but from Oia you get an even more amazing view of the sunsets at night. It is not a far drive from Fira and there are plenty of transportation options to get there.

~Black Sand Beach in Kamari– The black sand beaches in Kamari are absolutely beautiful and something that need to be seen at some point in your life. Now I will say that it is more black pebbles than it is black sand but it is still beautiful no matter what. It was such a difference to see the views from this beach because there are rock faces and cliffs all around the beach.

~Explore the City of Fira– The city of Fira is bustling with shops and restaurants and every where you turn you get a new view of the island. I absolutely loved Fira and got to explore so much of it. My favorite part was the volcano that was right in the middle that you got to see and then you had the cruise ships coming in and out that just added another level of cool at night when the water was lit up with these massive boats.

I have to give a huge, huge, huge thank you to my dad for taking my sister and I on this amazing trip that I never imagined I would actually go on. We had such an amazing time and got to see so many amazing and beautiful things that are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD!

As always thank y’all for stopping by and reading and watching. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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