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Pantry Organization

I am an organization freak! I love restocking TikTok’s, I love the clear containers, and I love everything being in it’s own place. We don’t have a very big pantry so it was incredibly important to be smart about the space that we have. But I also believe having a pantry organized allows you to see everything you have and get rid of things when they are expired a whole lot easier. I am rounding up some of the bins and organizational pieces we use! I have EVERYTHING linked up into my Amazon storefront for easy clicking as well.

I tried keeping everything neutral and clear so it flowed. Used a bunch of clear containers to organize everything to make it easier to see what we have in stock and what needs to be restocked – snacks, pasta, cans of soups, baking supplies, etc.

Each shelf in our pantry serves a purpose – baking supplies, drinks and dog stuff/treats, everyday use items, snacks and rice, and then household appliance items, like the toaster and blender. At the bottom of our pantry, we keep some house items and dog food. It’s amazing because it leaves so much room for cabinet and counter space in the kitchen.

Depending on the food items determine what type of container is used. Pasta and granola are in these stackable acrylic containers, while things like cans of soup and BBQ sauces are on lazy susans/turntables which are my absolute favorite thing to have in the pantry. Snacks and items in boxes are in these bigger acrylic containers since they are items that are typically bigger and need a little more room so you aren’t trying to stuff unopened chip bags in them. It might not look like much, & may not be Home Edit-worthy, but wow the difference FEELS huge.

Spice Rack Organizer |/| Over the Door Organizer |/| Glass Spice Jars |/| Container Set |/| 78 oz. Glass Jars |/| Lazy Susan |/| Turntable |/| Stackable Bins

Is your pantry organized? What does your pantry look like? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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