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Myrtle Beach Travel Guide

I just got back from one of the most fun weekends that I have ever had down in Myrtle Beach! And no this is not the first time that I have been to Myrtle Beach before, this is just the first time I decided I might as well share with all of you the details about where we stayed, ate, and other activities we did. So let’s get started shall we.


Margaritaville | This place is one of my all time favorite restaurants down in Myrtle because it has so many different fun aspects combined into one! This was of course created by Jimmy Buffet so you can count on the fact that you will hear music, have a fun and great experience, while also enjoying the scenery around you!

Wahlburgers | This place really is incredible! It holds every essence of the Wahlberg family all over the walls and the ceiling while also having amazing and incredible food at a really good price. The outside of the restaurant is beautiful as well which captures your eye as you are walking around Broadway at the Beach.

8th Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill | Country music playing constantly, right on the beach, and great food…. what could possibly be any better than that. For this occasion it was perfect because we could walk right out of the festival and take a short walk to the Tiki Bar and enjoy not being squished for a little bit and just overlook the ocean.

Sea Captain’s House Restaurant | One of the perks of this place was the fact that it was right next to the hotel we stayed at and the hotel even gave us vouchers so we could go have free buffet breakfast one morning. When we went it was so pretty inside and out, with a bar, regular sitting area, and a patio outside. But the food was even more incredible with the buffet even having different special, featured items for every day.


We stayed at the Caribbean Resort which was perfect because it was right on the beach and had so many things to do. It was truly a perfect hotel for us and this trip specifically for us because we were close to the festival but everybody was actually able to have their own bedroom and bathroom. Thats right, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom and nobody is crammed together. We even had a full kitchen which was really handy for us so we could cook a few meals at the hotel and not have to worry about going out and getting something to eat. The two balcony’s was really popular for me because that meant I could sit out there in some peace and look out onto the beach and enjoy whatever I was doing out there. Would highly recommend this hotel.

The Pools

Just at this hotel they have 2 indoor pools, 1 indoor hot tub, 2 outdoor hot tubs, 1 indoor lazy river, and 1 outdoor lazy river, and then a whole completely different pool that has a water slide to go along with it. There is plenty to keep everybody occupied and the hotel makes it so just the guests of the hotel are able to access and use these pools.

The Beach

The beach being so close was a really a plus for this hotel because it is such a short walk to get there but we were also able to go back and forth between the beach and the pools however we pleased! Now I am a huge fan of the beach (if you couldn’t tell already) and having it so close made it easy for all of us to do whatever we felt like on that day.


Myrtle Beach SkyWheel | Now I am the type of person who is afraid of heights but every time I come to Myrtle I always do the SkyWheel because it is my way of challenging my fear. The ride is actually worth the money which usually lasts 8-10 minutes so that means you can usually go around 2-3 times. I really suggest going at night around sunset because being up there when the sun is going down is really breathtaking.

Myrtle Beach Thrill Rides- The Sling Shot | Okay, now there is no way you would catch me on this thing but everybody else in my group wanted to do it so I was the person who was designated to stand at the bottom and hold everybody’s stuff. But this was such a crazy thing to watch because they truly shot up in the air so high up and spun around in circles many times. I advise this only if you are a thrill seeker.

Live Music and Fire Pit at the Hotel | The first night we were at our hotel they had a live singer performing a little bit of all types of music. That night it was a little chilly so sitting around the fire pit was a must as well and made listening to the music 10x more enjoyable.

Hope y’all make your next relax weekend destination Myrtle Beach because there is really so much to do down here that I just scrapped the surface of it all.

Love, Dani

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