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My Word For 2024

I decided in December of 2022 that I was going to drop New Year’s Resolutions and instead pick a word to live by and work in. Now that this first year is coming to an end, I can say that I loved picking a word and have loved looking back on what that word has meant and looked like throughout the year.

I thought last year was hard picking a word, this year has been even harder to figure out. Some sound so basic and don’t feel like they are enough to signify the whole year. I had to take myself out of that thinking and focus more on what I wanted to accomplish this year and a word to sum up the goals. My yearly word sets the foundation for where I want to focus. It acts as the root of all the intentions.

My word this year is…


After coming off 2023 with the word Growth, and there was a lot of it, I want to focus and be intentional about the things that make me happy, bring me joy, and spark my passion and creativity. Intentionality is all about doing things with purpose. I break this down as:

  • Having a reason why. Don’t do something just to do. Do the things that matter and know why they matter.
  • Being able to articulate the why clearly. It’s easy to get in our heads. That’s why it’s important to communicate thinking so we’re on the same page with each other and to stay open to input when we do.
  • Asking for what we need to be successful. We can do some great things on our own, but our best work is done in tandem with our team and our partners. If there’s an obstacle that needs to be overcome, an idea that needs clarification, or an anecdote that would strengthen our efforts, we are vocal about it.
  • Reflecting and adjusting after execution. This seems obvious, but it’s so easy to get caught up in the next thing before you’ve fully learned from the last one.

In each season, there’s an appropriate time to reassess. What was important last year might not be this year. It’s okay to move forward and choose a different way. There’s fluidity and beauty to it all. This is going to be a fun year with this word!

Have you come up with your 2024 word yet? What is it? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.


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