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My Word For 2023

I have never picked a word to signify a year because I am more of a written goals and resolutions kind of girl. This year I am changing that and picking a word. I have been thinking and thinking and I can say this is not an easy picking. Some sound so basic and don’t feel like they are enough to signify the whole year. I had to take myself out of that thinking and focus more on what I wanted to accomplish this year and a word to sum up the goals. My yearly word sets the foundation for where I want to focus. It acts as the root of all the intentions.

My word this year is…


While every year provides implicit growth, it’s over the past few months that I’ve realized stagnation within. This is why I’m choosing to grow this year. I’m showing up, stepping out, and living open this year. It’s easy for me to grow in business and scale year to year. (I thrive on it.) However, choosing to grow relationally and holistically has proven to be far more challenging. Over the last few months of stagnation, that is where it has become clear to me the areas where I need to rediscover and reassess personal growth.

Growth happens in rhythm. It’s choosing to take small changes and steps forward. It isn’t all going to change in one day or even one month. However, I’m committed. I’m committed to pursuing growth. There will be days when things won’t be as perfect as I would like. I’ll probably press snooze a few too many times, find myself binge-watching Netflix, and longing for more ice cream. In each season, there’s an appropriate time to reassess. What worked last year probably won’t work this year. It’s okay to move forward and choose a different way. There’s fluidity and beauty to it all. This is going to be a fun year with this word!

Have you come up with your 2023 word yet? What is it? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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