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My Morning Routine for this Spring

I thrive on a routine! I’ve always been a creature of habit so I love to set a schedule and get myself in my grove. Below are my latest tips and tricks for feeling fresh and energized first thing…  

First Thing In The Morning…

Around 7:00am, that sweet little alarm clock goes off and I have a good one that wakes me up everyday. I wake up and drink 16-22oz of ice water. There’s a lot of debate on ice water and some say it’s not a real thing, but I’ve been drinking ice water for 3 months now and I promise it works! It helps you get hydrated, kickstart your metabolism, and aid digestion.

With the drinking of the ice water every morning is the daily vitamins with the Women’s Multi Vitamin, Vitamin C, Fish Oil, and D3. All of this gets me prepped and ready to go to take on the day. I also love to open up my windows and let the cool, crisp air in to freshen up my room.

Doggo Time

Next, time to get the doggo taken care of…

What does this consist of? Well he will tell you when he has to go out by sweetly putting his face on the bed and staring straight at you while breathing in your face. When he does that, you better get up and out of bed as fast as possible because he will pace around you until he goes out.

I should probably give some context here that the dog I am referring to is my three year old Siberian Husky, Blue. If you follow me on Instagram you probably see him a TON.

My Morning Workout 

Every night before I go to bed I will set my workout clothes out so it is just that much easier to get up and get going in the morning. I am a morning workout person because if I don’t, I lose motivation throughout the day to go do it and I am the type of person that has to get some sort of workout in almost every day.

I workout at least 5x a week and do a mix of cardio training and weight training depending on the morning. That is all of course depending on whether or not I am in training for a half marathon. I love variety and I can tell the consistency and mix of training is really starting to pay off. Switching things up keeps workouts fresh and you motivated to keep working out.


-Half of Quest Double Chocolate Chunk protein bar on the way to the gym

-Large water bottle to drink during my workout and I make sure to finish it. Hydration is so important! 


-Stretch it out with a 10-minute Peloton stretching class.

-Other half of Quest Double Chocolate Chunk protein bar on the way home.  

Once I get home it is shower time and then a proper breakfast so I can get started on my work day. I work from home so my office and workplace are right in my own house. People ask all the time if I have a skincare routine and I don’t. I have sensitive skin and can’t do a whole lot on it.

That’s my Spring Morning Routine right now. Short and simple and to the point. What is your Spring Morning Routine? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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