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Life With A Husky

Get a husky they said, it’ll be fun they said. Oh, it’s fun alright! The kind of fun that will have you wondering what in the world, is this a dog or a hyperactive torpedo? I’m 100% not kidding but that stop me from loving my baby boy. As most of y’all know, I have a Siberian Husky named Blue who is now around 15 months. Fun fact: huskies don’t reach full grown until they are 18 months, so he has a little growing left to go.

Why is his name Blue? I think the answer is pretty obvious if you look at his eyes. Blue has these piercing and bright blue eyes that you can go swimming in. Before we got him we had set on the name Luca but when we asked the breeder what they had been calling him she said Blue and it clearly stuck. He didn’t even respond to anything else besides the name Blue.

The story of how we got Blue is kind of a really weird and long one that I am not going into but however we got him, I’m glad we have him. He is truly my dad’s best friend, like my dad will walk around the house asking where his best friend is. Everyday is completely different with him and I do truly mean completely different. Some days he is very chill and other days he is raising hell around the house. It has been a learning curveball for sure and every season and every day we learn something new about him. Like for instance, he hates being in the car. He will legitimately huddle down and brace himself in the back seat– absolutely hates it! I really wanted to put this together to show y’all what life really is like with a husky **cough cough, a crazy life** and even some of the things we have learned along the way.

It is a little more difficult owning a husky in the South because of the heat. Blue actually has two layers of fur because he is built to be in the snow. That does mean we have a crap ton of hair around the house though and we have to vacuum several times a day. One of my favorite things about Blue is that probably 90% of the time during the day, you can find him asleep over top of an air vent keeping cool. He absolutely loves his air vents and even when we are playing and he gets too hyper, he will go and lay down on top of the vent. We like to say he is recharging.

With Blue having a lot of hair we learned that huskies actually blow their coats out twice a year. In essence this refers to shedding his double-coat to make room for a new one. Siberian huskies will blow their coat and shed large clumps of undercoat to make room for new, healthy hair to grow in. By doing so, Siberian huskies prepare their coat for the upcoming season. We have a special brush that we use called the fur-minator that really does an EXCELLENT job getting all his excess hair off of him. But whatever you do, NEVER shave a husky!

Look at that mischievous face! It is said that Siberian Huskies temperament is loyal, mischievous, and outgoing, and those are probably the 3 best words to use to describe Blue. Now I will say that he is not affection AT ALL! Like he does not like to give affection like other dogs do when you are upset or having a bad day. I say he his psycho sometimes but thats just went he gets really hyper. When he gets hyper, there is no slowing him down. He will start running laps around the house and that is what we have nicknames, zoomies! Blue will typically have his zoomies when he comes back in from using the bathroom.

Siberians are active, athletic dogs who need a lot of exercise. They are a working breed and happiest when they have a function to perform. Regular exercise is important both physically and mentally, and doing activities together strengthens the bond between dog and owner. Siberians were bred to run and will do so at every opportunity; it is vital to keep the dog on a leash, in harness, or in a fenced yard at all times. And let me tell you he is a runner. We have had several occasions where Blue has run off and that is where we have learned the lesson that he is a harness dog and not a collar dog because he can get out of the collar SUPER easy. And he is quick!

During the warmer months, it is a little harder to exercise him because it does get so hot but we try to get up a little earlier and get him outside and exercised for the day.

I love this boy with all my heart and don’t know what we would do without him. He is truly the most special pet I have ever had. It has been so fun watching him grow up and get so big. Like I said every day is different and that is perfectly fine with us as long as we continue to have him in our lives.

I have a couple of videos up on my YouTube Channel that are all about Blue that you can go check out (Welcome to the Family Blue and Blue is Finally 1!)

I want to hear your pet stories and what kind of pets you have and what they mean to you, so comment those down below. As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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