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How We Travel With A Husky

Life with a husky is never normal but traveling with a husky takes it up a notch. You might be wondering, what is the difference between traveling with a husky and any other pet. Haha you have clearly never been around a husky. I have had Blue for 2 years now and slowly we have gotten into a rhythm with him with traveling. He is definitely a beach dog and that is where he loves to frequent the most. He has gotten a ton more comfortable around the water and loves to bite and chomp at the waves as they are coming in. We recently just put him on a boat for the first time and he did way better than we thought he would and got used to the movement of it all pretty quick.

How We Travel With A Husky

Prepare The Car

This might seem like a small thing but thank God I have a Jeep as well. My car is made to get dirty and built for this kind of thing. That doesn’t mean that I want it to be completely covered in hair. Whenever I have him in the car I will put a sheet along the backseat to at least contain some of the hair and drool when he travels. I will do this even when he is going to the vet or getting groomed. If I have the space to do it, I will even lay the back seat down so he has more space but find that it is sometimes just easier to keep the seats up and have him lay down there.

Now in the car, he is a little anxious and pants almost the entire time. I almost wish he would just pass out and sleep the entire time but he doesn’t. If you have an anxious pet in the car, do you give them anything before you travel?

Packing List

I make a packing list for myself whenever I travel to make sure that I don’t forget anything. Whenever Blue is coming along, I add a section to that packing list just for him. I always make sure that we have his food bowls, food container, a few toys, treats, his regular harness, his walking harness, and his leash. I will pack a few different leashes if we are heading to the beach that will handle the salt water and sand a little better.

I also always pack extra fans because he is a husky and loves that cool air. He basically sleeps in front of a fan every night and it truly keeps him cool all day.

What To Expect

Now like I said, you might be wondering, what is the difference between traveling with a husky and any other pet? Huskies are full of energy and sometimes Blue is piss and vinegar and just wants to play or go-go-go. Whenever we travel with Blue and we know he might be at the house or in the condo/apartment for a few hours, we make sure we take him for a long walk or get him outside to play around so he is a little worn out.

Currently as I am typing this, I took him to Coquina Beach this morning for an hour walk to play in the water and he is passed out on the porch laying in the sun while I am getting ready to head to the pool. He will stay like this for the next few hours which eases my mind. Now that he is older we don’t have to worry about him chewing or eating things or peeing and pooping in the house so much, but you can never be too careful.

If you travel frequently with pets, how do you travel with them? What are some things that you do? If you have a husky, how is it traveling with them? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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