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Hawaii Part 2- Kauai Vlog

Hey y’all! I have been working so hard to try to get new stuff out to y’all and this was the biggest thing that I have been working on getting out to y’all! It has taken be forever I know, but I really wanted to get this right and really make sure it was the way that I wanted it. But it is finally done and I am really happy with it and it was crazy to work on this because we got back almost a month ago from this amazing trip which is so crazy to me! I’m really wishing I am back there right now because I am really tired of the going back and forth of storms, hot weather, storms, hot weather… it is driving me crazy.

Every where we ate, places to stay, and activities that we did while in Kauai are down below with links of where to find everything and what we did at each thing. I have to give my dad a huge, massive thank you because never in a million years did I think I would be able to go on a trip like this so I owe him a ton for this.

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Where To Eat

~Kalypso Restaurant: This was one of our favorite restaurants to visit and we loved the layout as well as the staff. We had some of the friendliest and funniest waiters out there. We had these amazing Pork Nachos for an appetizer and then Hailey and I had some poke bowls that were out of this world that I am really wishing I could have right now. They had this really cool outside seating that was halfway outside and halfway inside.

~Northside Grill and Sushi: Oh some more sushi and fish we did have! We had the most incredible view too and even had some surfing on the tv to watch– the total Hawaiian experience. The sushi was out of this world and I was starving after our long day so I was chowing down. They had an awesome bar as well and seating that looked out at the beautiful scenery around us.

~Piazza: Yes, we did get Italian while we were in Hawaii! But it was so good and I as I am typing this can now taste it again. They have a very different menu and don’t want any substitutions to happen but I think that is what I loved about because it had me step outside my comfort zone and try some new things. The whole inside of the restaurant feels very rustic but I love that the kitchen is open so you can see them making the pizzas and all the other foods.

~Kauai Beer Company: I’m being serious when I say that I had some of the best Mac and Cheese ever here. The three of us ordered completely different things and each of us loved what we had. It was a really cool place to eat at and we were able to come in and sit wherever we wanted. They had a specialty beers that they brew themselves which I always find so cool.

~Wishing Well Shave Ice: If you are looking for some specialty shave ice and acai bowls that are out of this world, this is the place for it. Did I mention that this is a food truck? Yeah a food truck. All of their foods are so colorful and delicious and they are all about having a happy lifestyle and making other people happy as well.

Where To Stay

~Wyndham Bali Hai Villas: This is where we stayed in Princeville and we loved the property and our room. We had so much space and a whole kitchen that we were able to cook breakfast and dinner in when we didn’t go out. They had an amazing pool area and I loved that it was in this huge community because dad and I were able to go out and walk and get some exercise in.

~The Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas: This was one of the other properties in the community that we were in and it was also a really cool property. It was MASSIVE though! Like dad and I walked around and it took us a decent amount of time because it had so many rooms and the Westin did have a golf course which had incredible views. Like the St. Regis, this was on one of the other corners of the island that overlooks the rest of the island.

~St. Regis Princeville: This property was amazing and was in the same village that our hotel was in. We were able to go down and check out the St. Regis and it was amazing and had incredible views because it was on one of the corners of the island so you were able to look out on the amazing blue ocean and beaches. Like I am not kidding you with the view that you will experience. A truly beautiful property.

~Kauai Marriott Resort: Now this hotel is on the other side of the island that is closer to the airport but they have a great program with awesome pools and have even more incredible views that overlook that beaches that are right next to the hotel and of course surrounded by lots and lots of palm trees.

What To Do

~Kipu Ranch Adventures- ATV Tour: This was my thing that I really wanted to do and I was so happy when we finally did. We went through Kipu Ranch Adventures because they had so many different tours you could do and different activities. On our tour we were able to drive through lots of mud, see 2 different waterfalls, had some provided lunch, and explore and hear a lot of cool facts about the island of Kauai that we were exploring. Besides the ATV tours they also had ziplining that you could do around the same parts we were exploring.

~Hanalei Village: This is the village that was home to many of the restaurants we ate at as well as some really cool shopping with some popular stores like Roxy, Billabong, and other popular surf companies. We were even able to hear some live music in one of the stores and it was amazing and really cool because it was packed with people.

~Poipu Beach: We visited Poipu Beach the same day we did the ATV tour and it was so cool because this was the first pebble and rock beach that we had gone to. It was so cool because it was cool to see the waves crashing on the rock wall and the massive waves that surfers were going crazy about! There were so many people snorkeling in the water and you are even able to rent gear to snorkel while you are there. The water was crystal clear and you could see all these really cool fish around us.

~Anini Beach: This was the hidden gem that dad and I found right by Princeville. It was also a really cool beach with these big black rocks and trees that you don’t usually see along the east coast beaches. The water was crystal clear and the beach overlooked miles and miles of beach. This was a little bit of a quieter beach but words cannot even describe it. Tons of surfers out there too and there is a park not far from there where you can park your car.

~Blue Ocean Adventure Tours: This was our last activity we did before we left Kauai and this was the most fun thing we did there in my opinion! Now I will start off by saying that I didn’t really know what I was getting into because my dad booked this activity and it really put me outside my comfort zone. But the trip was awesome because we got to explore sea caves, see the whole Na Pali Coast Line, snorkel a little bit, and even get to see some dolphins! We had the best captain and second mate out there that made the trip just that much better. Now this took me outside of my comfort zone because when we went into the wind we hit some massive waves and the whole stomach dropping thing terrifies me sometimes but I still had an amazing time that is what matters.

If anybody is going to Hawaii, I really hope this helped! This was really a dream come true trip because never did I think I was going to be able to do this stuff so I have to give my dad a huge thank you for this amazing trip. As always thank you for stopping by and reading and watching.

Love, Dani

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