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Get To Know Dan and Dale Cogan

Hey y’all! This is a very special Get To Know because I got the chance to ask my grandparents some questions since today they are celebrating 52 years of marriage. Now to most people they are Dan and Dale but to me they are Mimi and Pa and I have always looked up to them and the way that they love each other and the relationship that they have always had. They have been through a lot and have always stayed by each other through everything. So I wanted all of you to get to know the two people that are considered the glue of my family so here we go

Where Were Both Of You Born?

Mimi: “Newton, MA. Born in my maternal grandmother’s (Nana) house.”

Pa: “Bryn Mawr, PA.”

How Long Have You Known Each Other? How Long Have You Been Married?

Mimi: “Having met in 1957, we have known each other for 60 years. My family had just moved to Pennsylvania from California. Been married 52 years this August.”

Pa: “60 years- 52 years.”

How Did You Two Meet? When?

Mimi: “We met through friends at school in 9th grade.”

Pa: “1957 in Junior High School– I said hello to her.”

What Was Your Impression Of The Other When You Met?

Mimi: “I thought he was a handsome football player– Mr. GQ.”

Pa: “She was a California Girl– Hot Stuff.”

What Is The One Thing That Has Remained Constant Throughout Your Relationship?

Mimi: “Our 3 wonderful children and 8 beautiful granddaughters.”

Pa: “My love for her.”

What Is Your Favorite Thing About The Other Person?

Mimi: “His ability to relax and have fun.”

Pa: “She is honest and caring.”

What Is The Best Memory You Have With The Other Person?

Mimi: “Watching him play football.”

Pa: “Our first kiss together.”

What Are Some Of The Cool Things You Have Done Together?

Mimi: “Lived in some great areas of the country and traveled to some wonderful destinations.”

Pa: “Trips to Hawaii and Greenbrier and Pebble Beach.”

What Is One Word To Describe Your Relationship Today?

Mimi: “Comfortable.”

Pa: “Challenging.”

What Is The Best Advice You Have Ever Gotten About Life and Marriage?

Mimi: “Best advice I have ever gotten marriage is to keep the lines of communication open. And the best advice about life I have ever gotten is to live the best life you can and be kind to people.”

Pa: “Best advice I have gotten about life is to live is to the fullest. The best advice about marriage that I have ever gotten is that it is tough.”

What Is Your Favorite Thing To Do, Hobby Wise?

Mimi: “I like to read, garden, workout, and be with friends.”

Pa: “I like to play tennis, spend time with my family, and be friendly.”

I hope y’all love them as much as we do. Happy Anniversary Mimi and Pa and congratulations on 52 years of marriage!

Love, Dani

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