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Get To Know Candace Clardy and Shayna Overfelt

I have been waiting to interview these two for a long time and am finally getting the chance to. Yes, Candace Clardy is my mom but what makes this special is that her and Shayna have been friends for a long time and Shayna has been in my life ever since I was born. Now be prepared because both of them are crazy so when you put them together…. just be prepared! So let me introduce y’all to this crazy and funny duo! 

1. Where were both of you born?

S: “Was born in Wichita Falls, Texas!”

C: “Was born in Saratoga Springs, NY but lived in North Carolina since I was 7.”

2. How long have y’all known each other?

S: “20 years!”

C: “Too damn long!”

3. How did you two meet?

S&C: “At work, working for Dr. Kinlaw’s Dental Office”

4. What is the craziest thing you two have done together?

S: “The Wilmington Trip with Dr. Kinlaw…. Candace and I met up with Dr. Kinlaw, who was at his beach house in Topsail, in Downtown Wilmington for drinks and our mission was to set him up with a girl. And we found one for him but she was fricken crazy! Like off her rocker crazy.”

C: “So we gave her a ride back to her place and we went into her house and she had a cat. Well this cat was equally as crazy as she was. This girl then proceeded to say that the cat was on crack. Dr. Kinlaw looked at Shayna and I and said “I think it is time for us to go.” The three of us laughed about that for the longest time.”

5. Describe your lives today (family, work, social life, etc.)

S: “I have two kids, Hannah (16) and Lizzie (11), Hannah plays lacrosse and Lizzie plays soccer. I have been married for 20 years, am a Coach for a youth soccer team, and work for a company called CDCA that deals with Dental Licensure Exams.”

C: “I have two kids (clearly), Danielle (20) and Hailey (18), both of which are about to be in college at the same time. I am divorced but have a boyfriend of 3 years, am the Owner of Powered By Shaw Fitness gym, and I enjoy working out and boxing and if I could I would live at the beach!”

6. What is one word you would use to describe the other person? Why?

S&C: “Faithful- we always know that the other person is going to be there no matter what and no matter how long we haven’t seen each other. We just pick right back up and know that nothing has changed.”

7. How has having the other person in your life impacted you?

S: “Having Candace in my life could only make my life better as I see it. When you know that there is someone on your side no matter what the circumstances, whether you’re wrong or right, life can only be better. There are only a handful of people that you meet in your life who will have this attribute. Candace is that person for me. I could call on Candace at anytime and I know she would be there for me. That makes my life better.”

C: “That’s a hard one to put into words. Her being there for the past 20 years has shown me what a true friend really is. Having Shayna in my life means having a friend that I can count on regardless of how long it has been since we have talked or see each other… whether it has been a week or a month or even a year. I know I could call her at anytime for anything and it would be like we were never apart.”

8. What is your dream vacation?

S&C: “Fiji or Bora Bora with the huts over the water!”

9. How do y’all stay in touch or catch up today?

S: “Meet on Thirsty Thursdays for Margarita’s at Mellow Mushroom!”

C: “We text and we try to meet every week for pretzels and Margaritas at Mellow Mushroom!”

10. What are some of the fun things y’all do together today?

S: “See Above!”

C: “We go out as couples, have dinner, Beer Trolley’s…. mostly drink!”

My mom is on the far left and Shayna is on the far right.

I hope y’all liked getting to know these two crazy nutheads. As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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