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Durham Food Truck Rodeo

Hey y’all! How is everyone doing today? How was y’all’s weekend? I had a very eventful one where I got a ton of stuff done and planned so all of that makes me super excited for what is to come. It was a beautiful weekend here in Raleigh, North Carolina so I spent a lot of the weekend outside enjoying the nice fresh air and sunshine.

This weekend, Hailey, Taylor, and I went to the Durham Food Truck Rodeo where we ate some delicious foods. We love to go to these food truck rodeos because each truck is unique in its own way and have some crazy out of this world dishes that you wouldn’t believe would come out of a truck. Some of the food trucks have things from Louisiana Cajun food, Baked Potatoes, Lobster truck, Cupcakes and Ice Cream, too many, many others. They also had two different live music performances going on and live music always makes things more fun.

What I love about food trucks is that the fact that they can travel everywhere and are on their own schedule of where they want to be. I thought I would go ahead and vlog the food truck rodeo to show y’all how it is set up and what it looks like and some of the food we got.

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A food truck rodeo is a huge amount of food truck’s the gather together in a park, city, or street somewhere and people basically flock to these trucks because they are so cool and have such amazing different dishes. Some of these trucks are just trucks but some trucks are actually part of a restaurant. Which makes it really cool because you can go experience these trucks on a greater scale. Most of these always have live music, which as we all know makes any experience that much better.


These food truck rodeos take place in several other places of North Carolina like Raleigh, Wake Forest, Knightdale, Cary, and Research Triangle Park. We live in Raleigh but go to the Durham Rodeo because the Durham one is less crazy and has less people so you are waiting less for food and can actually move around!


They have just released the dates for the Durham Food Truck Rodeo and they are Sunday, January 27, March 24, June 16, September 1 and November 3! For the most part these always take place on Sunday’s and the typical times for this is 12-4 pm. If you are looking for other dates and times for other NC cities, just look up the cities food truck rodeo and it will take you right to the cities rodeo page.


I not so shockingly enough ate the most! I had a Cheddar & Bacon Baked Potato from Stuft Food Truck, Chocolate Ice Cream from Two- Roosters Food Truck, and The Moose Cubano from The Wandering Moose. Hailey and Taylor both had a Buffalo Chicken Melt from 454 Grill Food Truck and Hailey also had Girl Scout Thin Mint Ice Cream from Two-Roosters as well. So if you couldn’t tell we ate like QUEENS.

If y’all live in another state and your state has food truck rodeos, please let me know because I am working on a business concept and I am super curious as to if other states have them like we do. As always thank you for stopping by and watching and reading. Stay tuned for more to come.

Love, Dani

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