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Birthday Round-Up

Hey everybody! It has been a crazy beginning of the week and everything is finally calming down from all the celebrations. Now don’t get me wrong, celebrating my birthday with everybody has been great but I am ready for some peace and quiet for the next few days. But I wanted to give y’all basically an itinerary of everything that happened and where we ate the past couple of days because they were all fabulous and delicious restaurants. So here it is.

Monday- March 6

Monday night was our first night out and we ate at one of our favorites, Bonefish Grill. I love the atmosphere of the restaurant and am never disappointed with my meal every time I go there. Now they are famous for their Bang Bang Shrimp and it is truly to die for! I always get the entree version so I can then get a side of sauteed green beans which are also fantastic! If you are a seafood fan I would definitely recommend Bonefish because they have fresh catches and are cooked many different ways.

The company was even better because I got to see one of my great uncles that I had not seen in 7 years who was in town for a few days! But besides him it was of course my mom, my sister Hailey, and my grandparents (Mimi and Pa), and then of course me! We always have a great time when we are out together and never fails to be entertaining.

Tuesday- March 7

My ACTUAL Birthday! This was our really crazy day, or my crazy day because I was in 20 million different places. I started the day off with breakfast with Hailey and my best friend Kyle at Panera, which being with the two of them is always a hilarious experience because we have been friends for so long nothing is kept to secret anymore.

On to lunch where we ate at Weathervane Restaurant at Southern Season in Chapel Hill which was absolutely delicious. What I loved about this place was the fact that the chef made her foods based on the ingredients that she had in her kitchen and they were all so different. I ended up ordering the grilled cheese which was made with smoked gouda, white cheddar, house made boursin, and came on sourdough bread and of course a side of french fries. Their restaurant is fabulous but what I really loved is their patio area which was decorated so nicely with laterns and fountains and had fabulous little corner booths. At this lunch it was me, Hailey, my mom, Mimi, Pa, my great uncle Duncan, my cousin Camryn, and then my mom’s cousin, Courtney, and her mom, Linda. The best part was that we were finally getting to meet Courtney’s 4 month old baby Ava… and she is truly adorable. We of course had a cake that came from a place called Nothing Bundt Cakes and they are the cutest cakes out there and come in so many different sizes and flavors.

Dinner was spent with my dad and Hailey at one of my favorite restaurants the Melting Pot and if you have never tried fondue you are truly missing out on a delicious experience because it is both fun and a great way of cooking. You usually start off with a cheese course and then move on to the main course and you can choose how you want to cook your meat or seafood. My favorite part is the last part which is the chocolate fondue where you get to dip strawberries, bananas, marshmallows, and so many other things into your choice of chocolate. It is always a fun time when the 3 of us go out to dinner because we have many different kinds of conversations.

Wednesday- March 8

The last day, or night I should say, was spent with the Original Gang at Mellow Mushroom. And in that gang it was me, Hailey, Kyle, my best friend Kaitlyn, Hailey’s best friend Taylor, my mom, and a few other people that I can’t live without! We are the kind of group that can’t go out in public because we always end up doing something stupid and are always surprised we don’t get kicked out of the restaurant.

If you love pizza you need to go to Mellow Mushroom because you can get some good food and I am not just talking about their pizzas (even though they are all fantastic!). You can get wings, sandwiches, salads, etc… I mean you name it and they most likely have it to eat.

(as you can see what can’t really take a normal picture without one of us goofing off!)

I want to thank everybody for the warm birthday wishes and really appreciate everybody who made this birthday special for me.

Love, Dani

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