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Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

I think we can all guess what one of the most popular costume ideas is going to be this Halloween. If you’re still riding the high of seeing the Barbie movie, welcome to the club. The hot pink Barbie mansion, the vintage Corvette, and the absolutely epic clothing have us already brainstorming which Barbie we’ll be for Halloween.

So if you’re thinking about Barbie costume ideas to try, here are a few fun ideas for you. And yes, these are Barbie ADULT costume ideas. But I think you can probably inspire some mini-me versions if you’re heading out to trick-or-treat with the family. Either way, let’s embrace a little Barbiecore, shall we?

You can also grab your significant other and dress him up as Ken in a coordinating Barbie-inspired Halloween costume. That way you can go around the Halloween party going “Hi Barbie” and “Hi Ken” like the Barbie maniacs we were meant to be. Either way, let’s embrace a little Barbiecore, shall we? You can find all of these plus more on my LTK!

9 Barbie Halloween Costume Ideas

Vintage Barbie

No Barbie costume roundup would be complete without honoring the original Barbie outfit. It’s retro and vintage, and just classically Barbie. The striped bikini paired with black sandals and white cat-eye sunglasses is the perfect Halloween Barbie costume to try. This striped one is from Unique Vintage and is giving the perfect retro vibes.

If you’re heading to a Halloween party, you may want to throw on some nude shimmery Danskin tights to give you some warmth and not feel so bare. And don’t you dare head out without adding the gold hoop and a bold red lip. That is essential to complete this quintessential Barbie doll costume. I love this NARS lip pigment in Don’t Stop for the perfect red that stays put through all the eating, drinking, and partying.

Cat Eye Sunglasses |/| One Piece Swimsuit |/| Feather Heel |/| Tights |/| Oversized Hoops

Romy & Michelle Barbie Costume

Romy & Michelle is always a classic Halloween costume for Millennials and Gen X. We loved this duo growing up and it’s no secret that wearing these little outfits is so much fun.

When I saw this latex tank mini dress, I just knew it had to be the Barbie version of Romy & Michelle. The pink fluffy heels are the perfect touch to it. Lastly, the sequin scarf necklace is a really fun accessory to pull it all together. Dance the night away in this sexy little combo.

Mini Dress |/| Block Heel |/| Rhinestone Mesh Bag |/| Platform Heel |/| Heart Shaped Sunglasses |/| Star Earrings

Blaire Waldorf Barbie

The Blair Waldorf Barbie steps off the set of The Gossip Girl in this pink preppy sweater dress. A pearl headband pulls her soft curls back while she struts around in silver Mary Janes. Accessories are key here. Add the bow earrings to complete Barbie’s polished look so she fits right in on the Upper East Side. xoxo Gossip Girl Barbie!

Mini Dress |/| Mary Jane Heel |/| Bow Earrings |/| Mini Bag |/| Pearl Headband

Rich Mom Walk Barbie

Or Yoga Barbie, or Fitness Barbie, whatever you want her to be, she’s on the move! This pink sparkly workout set feels like it would be part of a limited edition Barbie set. Rich Mom Walks would not be complete without a belt bag, a set of Bala weights, and pink Dunks or Jordans.

Shine Leggings |/| Crossbody Fanny Pack |/| Bala Bangles |/| Nike Air Jordans

Influencer Barbie

If Barbie were an influencer I like to think she’d be wearing a matching set and her Adidas Sambas. But of course, she can’t go anywhere without a pink tripod that’s also a selfie stick. Influencer Barbie is also sustainable and invested in the Dorsey tennis necklace made from lab-grown sapphires. Not pictured, is her pink Our Place Always pan that is officially no longer a non-stick that she regrets promoting to her followers.

Eden Shorts |/| 2-Piece Set |/| Tripod |/| Adidas Shoes |/| Tennis Necklace |/| Heart-Shaped Sunglasses

DIY Barbie

When Barbie wants to tackle that project on Pinterest, or finally fix her closet door, she reaches for her hot pink utility jumpsuit and silver Converse. To keep her hot pink tools within arm’s reach, try a Barbie-approved tool belt. And we don’t want to get any paint in our hair so a baseball cap keeps the locks protected.

Jumpsuit |/| Tool Pouch |/| High Tops

Disco Barbie

Barbie goes to Club 54 to dance the night away. This hot pink flare leg jumpsuit screams “ah ah ah ah stayin alive” but you’ll just have to hope for the best in these 5-inch feels. But no disco ensemble is complete without sequins so we’re loading up on it.

These platform rhinestone Mary Janes are the perfect complement to the hot pink head-to-toe look. Add sparkly accessories like this disco ball-inspired purse and long sparkly earrings.

Jumpsuit |/| Casino Earrings |/| Crystal Evening Clutch |/| Pumps

Cowgirl Barbie Costume

If Barbie were a cowgirl you know her boots would be sparkly and silver. A hot pink fringe dress is fun and flirty and will be perfectly paired with silver cowboy boots. Barbie would of course accessorize this look with a pink or silver cowboy hat and a white handkerchief around her neck. To really finish off the look, heart-shaped pink sunnies are a must.

Gentri Dress |/| Cowboy Boot |/| Heart-Shaped Sunglasses |/| Bandana |/| Cowboy Hat

80’s Prom Barbie

Maybe it’s because I’m a Millennial, but when I think of Barbie, I tend to always think of 80s and 90s prom outfits. Try a ruffle tulle-style dress paired with a metallic bag and clear shoes.

You HAVE to wear clear shoes, it’s kind of essential. They come in a pink version too which I think would be the perfect pairing. You’ll feel like a real-life Barbie doll for Halloween with them slipped onto your feet.

To complete the look, throw on these fun hot pink Barbie-approved star earrings. Bonus points for teasing and crimping your hair and adding a ton of ridiculous pigmented makeup.

Dress |/| Neon Earrings |/| Clear Heels |/| Metallic Bag

If you were going to dress up as a Barbie, which Barbie would you be? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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