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Athens, Greece Travel Vlog

Hey y’all! IT’S FRIDAY, IT’S FRIDAY! I am in the midst of packing again and getting ready to head to the beach for a week which I am thrilled about because I feel like I have been quite bored since I have gotten back from Europe and that is because we were on the go for 2 weeks straight. So now I feel like I have to go, go, go. Somehow I can somewhat pack for 2 weeks for Europe in a backpack and carry on suitcase but when it comes to 1 week at the beach I have more luggage. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but whatever.

Alright I am sharing part 4 of my Europe trip with you today and this time it is the Athens, Greece Travel Vlog. I really loved Athens and getting to see the ruins, temples, and all the history that is still intact there after so many centuries! Let me tell you the views are pretty incredible from up at those points too! Secretly, Athens wasn’t on our list of places to go but we had to make a stop there in order to get to our next destination so we figured we might as well just make it one of our pit stops.

If you missed the first 3 parts of me sharing my trip to Europe, you can check them out down below and get all caught up.

Paris, France Photo Diary

Paris, France Travel Vlog

Athens, Greece Photo Diary

If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all of my videos.

If you haven’t already, please SUBSCRIBE to my YouTube Channel so you can stay up to date on all of my videos.


~NJV Athens Plaza Hotel– The NJV Athens Plaza was positioned in the best place possible in that it was right in the middle of everything that we wanted to do so that was extremely handy. The hotel was beautiful and the rooms were very big with lots of space for us but they also felt older with a fancy side. Now we wish we were able to stay at the Marriott property next door because even though the overall hotel was very nice, we did not have a good experience with the staff of the hotel.


~Da Vinci Artisan Gelato– OH MY GOSH! Okay so I pretty much had gelato in every city that we visited but Da Vinci Artisan Gelato just might be the best that I had on the whole trip. They have all these amazing flavors and even these amazing cones that are covered with different toppings like rainbow sprinkles. Highly suggest checking out Da Vinci Artisan Gelato.

~Cafe VoulisCafe Voulis is the perfect place to stop in a get some authentic greek breakfast food while still be able to get a regular breakfast that we are used to like pancakes or waffles. My dad got a traditional greek dish while I got these amazing pancakes and we were both so happy.

~Ella Greek Cooking– This might have been the best steak I have had in a long time… shhh don’t tell my dad because I only really like his steaks. Ella Greek Cooking is this beautiful and delicious greek restaurant that my sister and dad stumbled upon one night that they said we had to go to. The inside of the restaurant makes you feel like you are on a greek island somewhere with all the wood and decor. The food at Ella’s Greek Cooking was incredible and was probably the best food we had while we were in Athens.

~Centrale Cafe– On our last night in Athens, we planted ourselves at Centrale Cafe that is actually positioned by the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens and is also along a street with several other restaurants. The food was absolutely incredible and the view wasn’t so bad either. The staff was amazing and they were very quick with everything.

~Koi Sushi Bar– Once again, yes we did get sushi when we were in Athens and we went to the perfect place for it! Koi Sushi Bar was out of this world and had such fresh fish and they crank out your orders so quickly. My dad was thrilled because they had different flavors of Saki that he could try. If you want sushi, definitely check out Koi Sushi Bar.

~Ta Giouvetsakia– That’s a mouthful to say isn’t it but Ta Giouvetsakia is in the town of Plaka and is amazingly authentic! The food was absolutely amazing and there was a wide array of food on the menu. I was thrilled because they had spaghetti bolognese and little did I know I was craving it because I chowed it down. Hailey and my dad both got kabobs and absolutely cleared their plates.


~Acropolis– This was a must on our list because of the amazing views, the history, and the temples and buildings that are still standing after centuries. It is home to the Parathenon, Theater of Herod Atticus, Erechtheion, Old Temple of Athena, The Temple of Athena Nike, and Propylaia. Each is so amazing to see and it is very accessible. For each ticket, we paid $13 US dollars which is not expensive at all to be able to see everything that you get to see.

~Plaka– Now this might sound like a food but Plaka is actually a little town area in Athens that has so much going on. There is a ton of food, shops, beautiful buildings, and it is right by Acropolis. This is where we stopped to get lunch after we explored Acropolis and the food is very authentic and each restaurant is very family oriented.

~Ancient Agora of Athens– Positioned right next to Acropolis, the Ancient Agora of Athens is home to a museum, stone works, a church, and another temple that house so much history and some pretty amazing views. In the museum we were able to see ancient artifacts like old shields, statues, and even old gold jewelry. But you have to climb up to the other temple to be able to see this amazing view of Athens and even the Acropolis. To get into the Ancient Agora of Athens you just have to pay 8 euros a person which isn’t bad at all.

~Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens– Right in the center of Monastiraki you find this square where the Metropolitan Cathedral of Athens is positioned and the sheer amount of detail on the church is stunning. We didn’t get to go inside but if you walk around the whole church you see all of this stone detailing and I can only imagine that the inside is just as beautiful.

~Walk around MonastirakiMonastiraki is another town in Athens with so much history and amazing food. It was suggested to us along with Plaka to go walk around and this is where you will, basically find the circle where vendors will sell clothes, shoes, leather goods, fresh fruits and vegetables and spices, and so much more. This is also where you will find the train station that can take you to other parts of Athens as well as the airport.

As always thank y’all for stopping by and reading and watching. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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