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Al’s Burger Shack

Hey y’all! It is finally the end of the week but this week has been so crazy busy for me because I am in the mentality right now of trying to get everything done before school starts back up because I know I will have zero time to do anything. But I feel so much better though because I am able to check things off my list and actually get my life semi-together. But let’s hop into today’s post because this isn’t something I haven’t done before so I am excited about.

So when you here that the restaurant that has been named the Best Burger in America by TripAdvisor for 2018 is right in your hometown, you definitely have to go try it out. We headed over to Al’s Burger Shack that has two different locations in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and let me tell you it did not let down the Best Burger in America status. Both of the actual restaurants are recycled from the existing space that was already there, the picnic tables and bar tops are made from reclaimed wood and some of the bricks for the patio steps are over 200 years old.

?516 W Franklin Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (Downtown Chapel Hill) | ?708 Market Street, Chapel Hill, NC 27516 (Southern Village)

Al’s Burger Shack has an awesome mission– to provide local, fresh, sustainable food and rinks with a hefty dose of Southern hospitality. If you are from the South you know exactly what that means and this is probably screaming your name right now. They have exceptional burgers, hot dogs, and shakes that are all made from the best local ingredients.

Now down below I am going to share what we all ordered and what comes on it so you can get an idea of everything!

Me: Sally Mack Hot Dog- grilled all-beef hot dog, bacon, fresh jalapenos, ranch, american cheese

Mom & Mimi: Bobo Chili Cheeseburger- chili sauce, slaw, chopped onion, yellow mustard, american cheese

Hailey: Classic- lettuce, tomato, sliced red onion, pickle, AL sauce, american cheese

Pa: Sean’s Bacon Cheeseburger- bacon, lettuce, tomato, mayo, cheddar cheese

In the pictures above you might not be able to tell but the burgers actually come in different sizes. They have bite size ($4.95) and they have AL size ($8.45). The bite size are the perfect little snack bites but you will find that you might just want to get the AL size because you are going to want every bite of that burger.

The service was amazing and once you order you sit anywhere you want to and they will come out yelling your name and bring your food right to your table. What I really loved was the inside of the actual restaurant because the walls were covered in head to toe everything North Carolina and it just made me love the state that I call my home even more. I really can’t wait to go back and devour another hot dog because honestly it was probably one of the best hot dogs that I have ever had.

Seriously suggest heading over to Al’s Burger Shack at one of their 2 Chapel Hill locations and trying out the Best Burger in America because let me tell you I can definitely agree it was some of the best food we had ever had.

If you have any other new places for me to try please let me know because we are always down to try new foods. As always thank y’all for stopping by and reading and stay tuned for more to come.

Love, Dani

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