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4 Ways To Learn How To Do Things Alone

I think people look at doing something alone as either boring, overwhelming, or intimidating. Like they wouldn’t DARE think to sit at a restaurant to eat solo, and instead would order takeout. Or heading to a museum as if people will look at you funny because you’re alone. Real talk? No one cares!

These are only your own insecurities coming out. And overcoming them by learning how to do things alone will have so many benefits. From being more self aware, self-confident, reduce stress and improve your mental health. It helps you feel more independent, gets you more in touch with your emotions and thoughts. The list goes on!

This past summer, I got to live at the beach for a chunk of time and spent some time by myself with no visitors and learned a lot. I loved spending every morning and night on the docks watching the sunrise and sunset. I recently did a blog post on 7 Things To Do Alone from baby steps to some tougher steps. These are a few of my practical tips to learning how to do things alone more easily. 

Start Small

When trying out this whole being alone thing, it’s important to start small. No need to head out on a solo trip that is sort of eat pray love style. But going to a coffee shop to grab a latte and enjoy it outside while people watching? That’s a great way to start. And once you get comfortable doing that and gain some confidence, move on to something that takes a little more time, or gets you a bit out of your comfort zone. The more you stretch your being alone muscle, the more confident and comfortable you’ll grow in your own skin.

Be Optimistic

I’m here to tell you that literally, no one cares that you’re alone. There are millions of people out there every day doing things by themselves, it is perfectly fine being one of those people. I find people who are comfortable being alone to be super interesting. Go into your activity being optimistic and knowing that you have nothing to lose. 

You Can Always Leave

Guess what, if you hate whatever solo activity you’re doing, you can just leave! Get off your butt and walk right out. No one is forcing you to do anything. And maybe knowing that you aren’t forced to do something may make it less anxiety-inducing.

Motivate Yourself

If you’re a goal setter or someone who likes to reward yourself with something, this can be a good way to get you motivated. Maybe you’ve been dying to try a restaurant and no one will go with you, go treat yourself. Or tell yourself you’ll order dessert if you try dining out alone for the first time. And if you want to write down the things you know you want to gain from trying these things, write them down to motivate you. Motivate yourself with whatever it takes.

What are some ways you became comfortable doing things alone? As always, thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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