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10 Things To Know Before Visiting Paris

Hey y’all! I hope all of you had a fun and great 4th of July! I spent it with my family, relaxing on the beach, playing in the ocean, playing games, and catching some sun. So really it was the perfect 4th of July. What did y’all end up doing for the 4th of July?

Since this was my first time over in Europe and especially Paris, there were definitely a lot of things that I learned. Things from eating at restaurants to where the bathrooms are to tipping to just walking around the streets of Paris. So today I thought I would share the 10 biggest things that I learned when I went to Paris and really 10 things I think everybody should know before they go.

1. If you don’t speak French, make sure to ask for English menus when going out to eat | Of course all of the restaurants have menus that are in French but if you don’t have a lot of French language knowledge, you can always ask the restaurant for an English menu.

2. Bathrooms are called toilets and are usually downstairs in restaurants | If you ask for the bathroom, you may get a confused look and then they will ask you if you mean the toilet. Now, for the most part, they are located downstairs part of the restaurant but if you ask they will for sure tell you.

3. Be prepared to walk, walk, walk | Most people get around Paris by walking so be prepared and pack comfortable shoes.

4. Keep your head up at all times | Paris is very much a walking city and thats how most people get around. When walking around, keep your head up at all times because of people walking wherever they like and things being on the sidewalks and streets, like dog poop or trash.

5. Tipping is not necessary | Unlike the United States, tipping is not required in restaurants, although it is appreciated. Some restaurants may just have it included on your bill to begin with but that is not every restaurant. French servers are paid in full wage, not including tips, so you should tip based on the level of service.

6. Don’t forget an outlet adaptor | Paris has different outlets than the United States so you will for sure need an adaptor to charge all of your electronics like your phone and laptop. If you are staying at a hotel, a lot of those places will have adaptors that you can borrow, you can also buy them when you get there, or you can buy them for cheap before you leave.

7. Pack clothes on the nice side | Paris is very much a city of fashion and people who are often dressing down still look very nice. I would suggest packing some nice outfits when going to different restaurants and events because for the most part they will expect you to look nice…. and sometimes its really nice to just look fancy for no reason!

8. Beware of pickpocket | Don’t stress too much about this. Yes, there are a ton of tourists that are prime pickings for a thief. Just be smart and don’t spend your time worried about what might happen. Keep your belongings zipped up and close to you at all times.

9. Buy tickets for museums or attractions days in advance | It is really common for attractions to be closed on Monday or Tuesday so I would suggest looking ahead and getting tickets if you know you for sure want to go somewhere. A lot of times too, schools will do field trips to the bigger attractions, like the Louvre Museum, and you will often not be able to get tickets for those days because they will be sold out.

10. There are cafés and places to eat everywhere | As you walk along all streets of Paris, there are restaurants and cafés everywhere that you can stop right in and getting something to eat and drink. There is definitely no shortage there of places to eat!

I hope y’all get to experience Paris, France because it is an absolutely beautiful city with so much history, style, and sites to see. As always thank y’all for stopping by and reading. I will see y’all back here next time.

Love, Dani

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