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10 Things I Am Thankful For This Thanksgiving

Hey y’all! HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Who is ready to eat? I know I am! This is the best holiday ever because you are never judged for how much you eat or judged for wearing lose pants because lets me honest, nobody likes wearing tight pants with a food baby. I am always thrilled for this time of year because it is really the time of year that we look at all the things we have to be thankful for in life. And that is exactly what I am going to share with y’all today. I am going to share the 10 things that I am so thankful for in life whether they are big or small. So here we go!

1. My friends and family– The people I have in my life are some of the best people out there that know how to change my mood so quickly and help me get through anything that I face. I wouldn’t make it through a full day without any of them!

2. To wake up each and every single day… I think that is pretty straight forward. I am grateful to see the sunrise every morning and experience another day!

3. The amazing traveling I have gotten to do– I have gotten to do some amazing traveling in my life so far and because of that I have gotten to do some pretty fun and amazing things and create these memories that I will never forget.

4. The city that I live in- Raleigh! I love Raleigh and am so thankful to have grown up here my entire life. I feel like everyday I learn something new about this amazing city and all that it has to offer, and I have been living here for 21 years!

5. NC State University– This place has changed my life and I am so glad that I have been able to learn here and gain so much knowledge from people who have followed their dreams and worked really hard to make them come true. Proud to be a part of the Wolfpack family!

6. My health and the health of the people I love– This is a huge one for me because I feel like my family always has certain medical or health related issues going on but, knock on wood, I am happy that my family and I are here on this planet still and are healthy.

7. The beautiful game of hockey and my Carolina Hurricanes… Once again probably self explanatory! I love the game of hockey and always have. Most of you know, if you have watched my Being A Part of the Redvolution Vlog, that I love my Carolina Hurricanes and have been sitting in that arena watching them ever since I was four years old. They mean so much to me and I love watching them play! #caniac

8. Southern Style Blog and VLOG– Incredibly grateful for my blog and vlog because they have become an outlet for me to reach so many different people and, in all honesty, become the person I am today. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride but I wouldn’t trade Southern Style for anything in the world!

9. The people who have made such an impact on my life– With this I am not talking about just friends and family that have made an impact, I am talking about the people I have worked with, the kids I have worked with, the people who inspire me, etc. Those people feed my hunger to keep doing what I am doing and to help give back in any way that I can.

10. And most of all– y’all! I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without y’alls support through everything.

What are some things y’all are thankful for? Leave a comment down below to let me know! As always thank y’all for stopping by and I hope all of you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Love, Dani

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